Indian airport security not fooled by young mans elderly disguise

He turned up in a wheelchair, with a long white beard and oversized glasses covering much of his face.

Yet security officials at New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport weren't quite convinced by the seemingly frail passenger attempting to get on a flight to New York, US, on September 8.

Shrikant Kishore, a senior official with the Central Industrial Security Force, told CNN that the man was reluctant to be frisked and avoided eye contact with officials.

His documentation said he was 81-year-old Amrick Singh, born in Delhi in February 1938.

The man claimed he was 81 years old when, in fact, he was 32.
The man claimed he was 81 years old when, in fact, he was 32.

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But security officials noticed the roots in his hair and beard were black rather than white and his skin was "of a younger person", Kishore said. "He was definitely not 80 years old."

After further questioning, the man admitted he was actually 32-year-old Jayesh Patel, according to CNN.

He was handed over to immigration authorities for using a fake passport, though why he chose to impersonate a much older man is still unclear.


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