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Does Poland have vampires? Bizarre questions British travellers asked their embassy

When staff at British embassies and consulates pick up the phone, they're prepared to help citizens grappling with problems, from arrests to serious injuries.
31.12.2019 11:19

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Under fire Alan Jones doesnt care if advertisers walk

Broadcaster Alan Jones is on the ropes tonight fighting for his job at 2GB as more and more advertisers pull sponsorship from his top rating show.
20.08.2019 18:21

South Australian woman finds nail in punnet of strawberries

A South Australian woman has found a sharp nail in a punnet of strawberries.
20.08.2019 17:22

Police arrest and charge 16 youths ahead of Melbournes White Night Festival

Police have arrested and charged 16 teenagers ahead of this week's White Night Festival.
20.08.2019 16:28

Neighbour gives evidence at Tyrrell inquest, as police search area again

A man who lived near the house William Tyrrell disappeared from told an inquest he had met the three-year-old a couple of times.
20.08.2019 16:22

Non-official e-visa sites charging New Zealand visitors inflated fees

Non-official sites are charging travellers to New Zealand around three times the normal price for the new online visa and international visitor levy. 
20.08.2019 16:19

Mysterious sea creature washes ashore in UK

A mysterious sea creature has washed ashore in Saunton Sand, an English village on the North Devon Coast.  
20.08.2019 16:09

Rarotonga holiday home owners counselled on professionalism

The Cook Islands holiday home owners who sent a Kiwi family a $780 clean-up bill, calling them "the dirtiest guests of all times", have been "counselled" on maintaining professionalism, and warned tha...
20.08.2019 13:49

She won a free Disneyland ticket - 34 years later, the park let her use it

In 1985, Tamia Richardson was a 14-year-old US high school student when she walked through the turnstile at Disneyland and won a prize.
20.08.2019 13:31

Stripper to face trial over alleged glassing of Neighbours star

Lawyers for
20.08.2019 12:42

Chance encounters are the travel experiences that will change your life

OPINION: This isn't the story of my journey into mindfulness. It's the story of Joe. Because Joe has a story.
20.08.2019 11:57

The top cities overrun by tourists

Locals explain how the influx of travellers has affected them, how authorities are responding and how visitors can remain respectful of people who live there year-round.
20.08.2019 10:00