Cost of Dreamworld tragedy could reach $20 million

The owners of Dreamworld have reportedly paid out millions of dollars in damages over the theme park's Thunder River Rapids tragedy back in 2016.
25.01.2020 19:49

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US issues new rules restricting travel by pregnant foreigners, fearing the use of birth tourism

The Trump administration will implement a new policy to make it more difficult for foreign nationals to travel to give birth on US soil to ensure their children become American citizens, a practice co...
25.01.2020 10:19

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New molecular clamp technology developed by Queensland scientists could prove crucial in developing coronavirus vaccine

A breakthrough technology developed by Australian researchers could play a crucial role in the race to develop a vaccine against the rapidly spreading coronavirus.
24.01.2020 12:52

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Disease detectives hunting down more information about super spreader of Wuhan coronavirus

Of all the alarming aspects of the rapidly spreading new virus out Wuhan, China, this is perhaps the most alarming: A single patient has infected 14 health care workers.
24.01.2020 10:24

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US woman claims airline ignored her after man touched her on flight as she slept

An American woman says a passenger assaulted her as she slept on a Spirit Airlines morning flight from Atlanta to Detroit.
23.01.2020 11:13

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Im a changed man: Australian released from Bali custody

An Australian tradesman insists he's a new person, lucky to walk free from Bali police custody after compensating the taxi driver he was accused of bashing. 
22.01.2020 19:26

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Boeing has temporarily stopped making 737 Max airplanes

The Boeing 737 Max is now on hold.
22.01.2020 12:49

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Coronavirus situation in Australia evolving as bio-security measures ramp up

The Prime Minister says the coronavirus situation is "evolving" in Australia as passengers arriving into the country from Wuhan City in China are being met by biosecurity screening.
22.01.2020 11:48

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Brisbane man tested for coronavirus released from isolation

22.01.2020 08:32

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First case of Coronavirus diagnosed in the US as China travel advice is raised

The first case of the potentially deadly Coronavirus has been diagnosed in the US, as planes arriving to Sydney from the Wuhan area in China will begin being screened this morning.
22.01.2020 07:08

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China coronavirus outbreak death toll rises to six as hundreds of cases identified

The death toll from the new coronavirus outbreak has risen to six in China's central city of Wuhan, the city's mayor has told state television.
21.01.2020 22:16

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British tourist feared to have fallen victim to coronavirus

Doctors fear a British tourist in Thailand may have contracted the deadly new strain of coronavirus sweeping Asia.
21.01.2020 11:23

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