Exclusive: Jeff Fenech sees his daughter wed not once, but twice in double wedding surprise

It's every father's dream to walk their daughter down the aisle, but for ailing boxing champ Jeff Fenech, this dream was in jeopardy after a heart infection left him bed-bound and in need of urgent su...
21.10.2019 13:17

Researchers develop method to combat self-service checkout theft

The solution to self-service checkout theft might have been solved by Scottish researchers.
21.10.2019 12:24

Blank front pages highlight medias right to know campaign

National newspaper front pages have been printed blanked out in a united protest by the media industry against government secrecy and cover-up.
21.10.2019 06:29

US high school football coach used a hug to stop armed Portland student from shooting

A US high school football and track coach prevented a potential disaster by disarming a student with a shotgun and hugging him, new security vision has revealed.
21.10.2019 00:30

60 MINUTES: Shark attack victim, conservationist call for rethink on shark protection

A shark attack victim and ocean conservationist are slamming Australia's approach to shark protection, saying the apex predators need to be respected.
20.10.2019 22:40

Extraordinary miscarriage of justice: Khalid Bakers fight to clear his name

Khalid Baker, who served a 13-year prison sentence for the murder of a young Melbourne man, wants his conviction overturned, telling 60 Minutes he is innocent of the crime he was jailed for.
20.10.2019 21:44

Two teens charged with murder after man left to die south of Brisbane

Two teenagers have been charged with murder after allegedly pistol whipping a man and then beating him to death with a baseball bat in southeast Queensland.
20.10.2019 20:22

Man dies after becoming trapped in burning building on NSW Central Coast

A man has died after been pulled unconscious from a burning building on the NSW Central Coast this afternoon.
20.10.2019 18:46

AVO filed against NRL star Sam Burgess after father-in-law incident

An incident at a property in the NSW Southern Highlands involving NRL star Sam Burgess is being investigated by police.
20.10.2019 18:46

Teen motorbike rider injured after horror Sydney crash

A 13-year-old boy has been seriously burned after the trail bike he was riding was involved in a crash with a car around 3pm today.
20.10.2019 16:07

Five police officers injured in wild Kings Cross brawl

Seven people are in custody after a wild brawl outside a Kings Cross nightclub left five police officers injured.
20.10.2019 15:16

Melbourne woman sexually assaulted at knifepoint while walking dog

A woman has been sexually assaulted at knifepoint while walking a dog in a park in Melbourne's north last night.
20.10.2019 13:20

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