Jetstar workers to walk off the job over Christmas period

Travel plans over Christmas may be thrown into chaos this year, after Jetstar employees voted in favour of industrial action.
06.12.2019 12:52

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Mum admits to attacking cabin crew when they refused to serve her

A single mum has admitted to attacking cabin crew and telling one she had a "fat a---" when they refused to serve her during a flight.
06.12.2019 12:06

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Residents defend homes on NSW south coast as fires flare to emergency level

Residents on the NSW south coast are defending their homes from a fast approaching fire, as three other blazes in the state also flared to emergency level.
05.12.2019 14:58

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Sailor shoots three civilians at Pearl Harbor Navy base

A US Navy sailor has shot three civilians at the Pearl Harbor base in Hawaii before turning the gun on himself.
05.12.2019 14:10

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Former UK child migrant, 75, sobs as he tells of abuse by paedophile priests in Western Australia

A 75-year-old man sent to Western Australia from Scotland as a child has sobbed as he described being falsely told he was an orphan and abused by priests - as the Scottish Government apologised for th...
05.12.2019 13:56

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Reports of mass shooting at Pearl Harbor Naval Base

A mass shooting has been reported at the US Navy Base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
05.12.2019 13:21

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Fire flares north east of Sydney as Queensland fires threaten homes

A fire in the Wollemi National Park north west of Sydney has flared back up to emergency level.
05.12.2019 13:11

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Adelaide bus stops axed to speed up city commute

The South Australian Government is axing 31 bus stops on four arterial routes in Adelaide to speed up travel times to the city.
05.12.2019 12:47

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Two customs agents arrested as part of Australias largest ever ice bust

Two of the three people arrested in relation to Australia's largest ever ice seizure are private customs agents, federal police say.
05.12.2019 11:57

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Morrison swings axe through public service

Scott Morrison is swinging an axe through the public service with several department heads bound for the chopping block.
05.12.2019 10:53

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NASAs mission to touch the sun unraveling our stars mysteries

Although the sun sits at the center of our solar system, mystery has surrounded the star and its behavior.
05.12.2019 08:16

Man charged with attempted murder after alleged attack on Sydney widow, 84

A man who allegedly broke into an 84-year-old widow's retirement home unit and assaulted her when she surprised him as she came home has been charged with attempted murder.
05.12.2019 07:42

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