Fengshui travel predictions for 2020 by Emirates

One might say that going on holiday means you are already lucky enough, but this year, Emirates make sure you make the very most of your holidays with their Fengshui travel predictions.
23.01.2020 02:32

Explore Hong Kong Island while the tourists stay away

With so many tourists deterred by news of the protests in Hong Kong, now is a good time to enjoy attractions that are usually thronged with visitors. Take the Peak Tram, for example, which on a recent...
22.01.2020 06:38

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Malaysias largest carnival, popcorn festival & other things to do in JB this CNY long weekend

If you're a little bored of our sunny island and find that you've run out of things to do, fret not, because we can always turn to our neighbouring country, or rather, city, that has much to offer.
21.01.2020 09:43

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Is Ocean Park a failed business? Bosses reveal billions are owed

Hong Kong's struggling Ocean Park has revealed it has just HK$400 million (S$69.4 million) in the bank and owes billions of dollars which it cannot repay, but still wants lawmakers to fork over HK$10....
21.01.2020 03:59

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10 underrated cities to visit in 2020: A guide to roads less travelled

Seeing the same few people and places every day can trigger a major case of wanderlust, but getting paraded through tourist traps isn't our ideal notion of the perfect holiday.
19.01.2020 06:30

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4 whimsical icy attractions you can only visit this season - catch these frozen fun before theyre gone

As winter begins to peak in January and February, frozen attractions start to pop up all over the world again.
19.01.2020 03:30

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10 world-famous monuments and buildings you probably didnt know you can visit for free

A holiday is often one of the most significant purchases we make in a year, and so, getting the most bang for our buck would be a terrific perk. So instead of paying for that expensive private tour, w...
18.01.2020 02:41

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Make the jam worth it - 10 places to visit in JB that is not City Square or KSL

"5-hour Traffic Jam towards JB from Singapore" is one of the most common news we see around over a long weekend, or in fact, any other weekend.
17.01.2020 10:21

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Riau Islands province ranks second after Bali as most-visited destination for foreign tourists

Riau Islands ranked second after Bali as Indonesia's most-visited destination for foreign tourists with over 2.5 million international visitors in 2019, making it one of the most crucial hubs for the ...
17.01.2020 07:42

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Johor Bahrus Chinese heritage has created a cool travel destination

Separated from cosmopolitan Singapore by a causeway that spans a muddy strait, the Malaysian city of Johor Bahru tends to be overshadowed by its more illustrious neighbour.
17.01.2020 05:17

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Where to go on holiday in 2020

Where to go and what to see in 2020.
16.01.2020 02:46

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Komodo dragons continue to lure foreign tourists to Labuan Bajo

The town of Labuan Bajo, the gate to the famous Komodo National Park, reportedly welcomed more tourists in 2019 than in the previous year.
15.01.2020 04:30

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