The discovery of a mythical Greek city

One of Greece’s top archaeologists, Eleni Korka, recently made the biggest discovery of her 40-year career: the mythical city of Tenea, which was built by Trojan prisoners of war.
17.09.2019 10:00

A dress steeped in trauma and triumph

Worn for more than a century, these Victorian-style dresses have deep roots in the trauma and triumph of Namibia’s Herero people.
13.09.2019 22:00

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A lonely outpost 3,500m high

A Lithuanian scientist records the shrinking Toyuksu glacier above Almaty, Kazakhstan, and, from her unrivalled perspective, bears witness to the onslaught of climate change.
13.09.2019 10:00

The rare ingredient healthier than meat

Loosely translating to “seeds of joy”, ahuautle, or water fly eggs, were considered by the Aztecs to be the food of the gods.
12.09.2019 10:00

The last of Europe’s ‘forgotten’ people

The Saxons first arrived in Romania’s Transylvania region in the 12th Century, but over the past few decades the community has all but vanished from the region.
11.09.2019 10:00

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A $20bn treasure lost at sea

For centuries, the San José galleon lay lost on the ocean floor, but now it’s at the centre of a custody dispute, with several parties all staking claim to its riches.
10.09.2019 10:00

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The longest train in the world?

Since 1963, Mauritania’s 2km-long Train du Desert has carried iron ore and brave passengers 704km across the Sahara Desert.
09.09.2019 09:00

The delicacy that survived the Nazis

They may swim into town only once a year, but the koryushka fish is more than just a strangely scented St Petersburg delicacy – it may be the reason the city survived World War Two.
09.09.2019 09:00

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Why Polish people hate rules

Warsaw has had a long and tumultuous history, which meant that its inhabitants had to come up with ingenious ways to survive.
05.09.2019 23:00

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Australia’s bizarre coastal desert

Australia is known worldwide for some truly distinctive rock formations. But there are few more remarkable than the eerie and astounding Pinnacles Desert.
04.09.2019 00:00

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The 12km British fortress lost to time

The 12km network of fortifications stretches across the entire northern end of the island, but for decades, few people knew it existed.
31.08.2019 13:00

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Is this Earth’s most inhospitable land?

Some believe they’re footprints from the gods, others think they’re formed by dancing fairies or UFOs, but no-one can explain these millions of mysterious circles in the desert.
30.08.2019 13:00

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