Hungary Imposes Quarantines on Arriving Citizens and Other Travelers

Hungary has imposed new restrictions on cross-border travel as of next Wednesday in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus after a surge in new cases in several countries, Prime Minister Vikto...
12.07.2020 11:15

The Great Contactless Experiment at Dallas\-Forth Worth Airport

With COVID-19 ravaging the aviation industry, airlines and airports worldwide are reining in costs and halting new spending, except in one area: reassuring pandemic-wary passengers about travel.“Whate...
12.07.2020 09:15

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Hotels Worry About Legionnaires’ Disease as Buildings Reopen From Pandemic Closures

Commercial insurers are scrutinizing building managers’ efforts to avoid outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease as they re-open movie theaters, gyms, schools and offices that had been closed for months du...
11.07.2020 15:15

Disney World Parks Reopen in Florida as Pandemic Charts Uncertain Course

Florida confirmed its place as an emerging epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States on Friday by reporting its second sharpest daily rise in cases, while Walt Disney Co. prepared to reo...
11.07.2020 13:15

European Countries Are Confusing Travelers With Inconsistent Border Controls

European Union countries and their open border neighbours were supposed to ease restrictions in unison in mid-June and then start allowing non-EU visitors in this month.However, the coordinated openin...
11.07.2020 11:15

A New Controversial Surcharge and 10 Other Coronavirus Travel Stories This Week

Throughout the week we are posting original stories night and day covering the impact of coronavirus by connecting the dots across the travel industry. Every weekend we will offer you a chance to read...
11.07.2020 10:30

Turkey Changes the Tourist Magnet Hagia Sophia From a Museum to a Mosque

President Tayyip Erdogan declared Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia a mosque on Friday with the first Muslim prayers to begin in two weeks, after a top court ruled the ancient building’s conversion to a museum ...
11.07.2020 09:15

A Rare Travel Winner This Summer Weighs 10 Tons, Gets 18 Miles to the Gallon

Nowhere is the shift in pandemic-era travel and the industry’s nascent recovery more visible than in Elkhart County, Indiana, a collection of gritty factory towns that is a two-hour drive east of Chic...
10.07.2020 15:15

Hotels Weigh How Many Brands Are Just Too Many in Travel’s Worst Year Ever

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked the worst year for the travel industry on record, and business leaders are in a survival mode of shedding unnecessary expenses and assets. But beefed-up hotel bran...
10.07.2020 15:00

Facebook Users Still Dream of Getaways: Here’s the List of Travel’s Most Popular Videos in June

One lodging company dominated travel brands’ Facebook videos globally in June. Was it Marriott? Accor? InterContinental Hotels Group?No, the brand that attracted the most video views on Facebook in Ju...
10.07.2020 14:45

From a WhatsApp Channel to Latin America’s Latest Online Travel Startup

Online travel newcomer Milla Travel wants to shake up Latin America’s travel management landscape — and it sees no better time to do it than during a pandemic.Founder Antonia San Martin said she’s ide...
10.07.2020 14:00

China’s Aviation Industry Suffers \$4\.9 Billion Loss in Second Quarter

China’s aviation industry sank further into the red, losing 34.25 billion yuan ($4.89 billion) in the second quarter, only slightly narrower than in the first quarter, underlining the colossal financi...
10.07.2020 10:30

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