Mt Taranaki round the mountain track could fully re-open for summer

A badly eroded area on Mt Taranaki's round the mountain track could be reopened to trampers in time for the summer, the Department of Conservation says.
21.11.2019 06:15

Top 10 cities to visit that you wouldnt want to live in

OPINION: It seems like every few months there's a new list of the world's most liveable cities. People love this stuff. Depending on which list you choose, the world's most liveable city right now cou...
20.11.2019 12:08

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The unofficial rules for the window seat on a plane

When it comes to the best seat on a flight, travellers are split between the aisle and window for obvious reasons (window: the views and avoidance of drink-cart knee-bonking; aisle: more breathing roo...
20.11.2019 11:38

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Dad of 2 dies after accidental fall from balcony on Carnivals Horizon cruise

US officials say an investigation is underway after a passenger died while the Carnival Horizon was returning to port in Miami.
20.11.2019 10:53

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Passenger impersonates pilot to board flight for free

A man has been detained by police after pretending to be a pilot so he could get a free flight in India. 
20.11.2019 10:11

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The panda being flown on a special 777

A specially equipped Boeing 777 jet has taken off from Dulles International Airport in the US carrying a true Washington celebrity: Bei Bei, a 4-year-old giant panda.
20.11.2019 10:01

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Boeings grounded 737 Max scores second order at Dubai Airshow

Boeing's 737 Max jet has received a big boost at the Dubai Airshow, this time with an order from Kazakhstan's newly-launched budget carrier as the Chicago-based company works to try and win US regulat...
20.11.2019 09:49

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Doubts cast on easyJet plan to be net-zero emissions airline

European budget airline easyJet says it will become the first major carrier to operate net-zero carbon flights, offsetting climate-warming emissions from the fuel used on every flight.
20.11.2019 09:38

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Frequent first-class flyer offers upgrades to anyone who recognises him

An American frequent flyer is giving away first and business class tickets to anyone who spots him at an airport and asks to swap seats. 
20.11.2019 09:31

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USA travel tips: 14 things that are guaranteed to annoy a TSA agent

Decades ago, going through security was as simple as throwing your bags - everything still packed nice and neat - onto a scanner belt and then breezing through a metal detector. However, the tragic ev...
20.11.2019 08:50

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Major slip on NZs newest Great Walk

A 20-metre slip has closed the new Paparoa Track before it is officially opened. 
19.11.2019 15:46

My travel life: Andrea Bocelli

THERE ARE A FEW THINGS I NEED FOR A PERFECT HOLIDAY and music is, of course, one of them. It isn't just my bread and butter, but also my greatest passion. Music brings me light and life every single d...
19.11.2019 15:20

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