US flight attendant dies at work

An American Airlines flight attendant who had worked for the carrier for 20 years has died at work, according to a joint letter signed by officials at the airline and the Association of Professional F...
13.07.2020 07:37

Best of the season: Whales perform every trick in the book off Sydney Harbour

Most whale watchers are lucky if they see 10 to 15 minutes of whale activity on an average tour.
12.07.2020 19:42

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Ive crossed making lists off my list

Some people start their day with a latte, but my morning has always begun with a list.
11.07.2020 05:00

Australia halves number of international arrivals, airlines cut flights

Airlines will be told to cut the number of flights and available seats to Australia from Monday to halve the number of international arrivals in a bid to reduce pressure on hotel quarantine.
10.07.2020 21:01

Rare gorillas with babies captured on camera in Nigeria

Conservationists have captured the first images of a group of rare Cross River gorillas with multiple babies in Nigeria's Mbe mountains, proof that the subspecies once feared to be extinct is reproduc...
10.07.2020 11:32

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Coronavirus: Spains Catalonia to fine people who dont wear face masks

Authorities in northeast Spain will start fining individuals who do not wear face masks €100 (NZ$172) from Thursday (Friday NZ time) when the use of masks becomes mandatory in Barcelona and the surrou...
10.07.2020 10:20

Coronavirus shakes up passport power rankings but New Zealand holds firm

Countries that have handled the Covid-19 pandemic poorly have seen the power of their passports plummet, according to the latest report on the world's most powerful passports – but New Zealand has hel...
10.07.2020 09:57

Coronavirus: Kiwi stuck on oil rig in Malaysia for 126 days with no way home thanks to unfair flight freeze

When Gareth Jolly left New Zealand on March 7 to work on an oil rig 8 kilometres off the coast of Malaysia, he was only meant to be gone 28 days.
10.07.2020 09:25

Coronavirus: Bali begins to reopen after 3-month lockdown

Indonesia's resort island of Bali partially reopened after a three-month virus lockdown on Thursday, allowing local people and stranded foreign tourists to resume public activities before overseas arr...
10.07.2020 09:08

Kāinga Ora rejects win-win land swap as hotel looks to expand

A five-star hotel’s expansion plans have hit a snag – the neighbouring property is social housing, and the Government has other plans for the site.
10.07.2020 08:00

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Airbus A380: Parts for the last superjumbos move to final assembly in Toulouse

The era of large passenger planes is rapidly coming to an end as the construction of the final Airbus A380 superjumbos nears completion at the company's assembly plant in Toulouse, France.
10.07.2020 07:38

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Melania Trump statue set on fire in Slovenia

A statue of Melania Trump in Slovenia was torched on July 4, Reuters reports. The statue previously stood near the US first lady's hometown of Sevnica.
09.07.2020 17:29

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