Massive ship Maasdam cruises into Port Taranaki with 1115 passengers

As the Maasdam cruise ship floated into New Plymouth early Saturday morning the Captain managed to get a good look at 'beautiful' Mt Taranaki, even though he was busy ensuring the ship made it safety ...
27.01.2020 05:45

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Boeings massive 777X takes off on first flight

Boeing's big 777X took off on Saturday at 10.09am and headed northward through low clouds on a first flight that lasted nearly four hours.
26.01.2020 14:37

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Singing Air New Zealand flight attendant a legend

An Air New Zealand flight attendant who's taken to serenading passengers has becoming something of a celebrity on domestic flights, with fans describing her as "delightful" and "a legend" and complime...
25.01.2020 13:54

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Man caught drying wet shoe using planes overhead fan

In the latest sky-high incident involving gross feet happenings, a passenger has gone viral online after being secretly filmed trying to dry his sneaker using the plane overhead fan.
24.01.2020 18:29

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Bangkok street-food stalls trying to give up plastic bags

Two things Thailand is famous for are its delicious street food and its wonderful beaches.
24.01.2020 11:56

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Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022: Floating hotels to be constructed to house fans

Qatar will build 16 floating hotels to host visitors during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
24.01.2020 09:05

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Beware of falling iguanas! US weather service issues strange alert for Florida

The north of the US has blizzards, the Midwest has tornadoes. And South Florida has the danger of being hit on the head by a frozen iguana.
23.01.2020 13:29

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Why airlines charge so much for changes

Made a mistake when you typed your name into an online flight booking? Not uncommon. Can it be changed? Or what if you can't make the flight you booked for any reason, can you reassign the ticket to s...
23.01.2020 12:21

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Coronavirus: Olympic qualifiers in China cancelled, leaving Kiwi boxers stranded

A team of New Zealand boxers were stopped from travelling to China for an Olympic qualifying event after the tournament was cancelled because of the deadly coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese city of ...
23.01.2020 11:00

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Life as a stoker on Queenstown’s iconic steamship

This story was originally published by North & South and is republished with permission.
23.01.2020 09:57

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Possible ban on emotional support animals on US planes

US airlines would no longer be required to accommodate travellers who want to fly with emotional support animals such as pigs, cats and rabbits, under new rules proposed Wednesday by the Department of...
23.01.2020 09:43

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Ways for tourists to reduce plastic footprint

Back in 2017, I travelled to a remote Himalayan town called Kaza in Spiti Valley, India, and was delighted to see that the natives had taken up a step (in association with the local NGOs) to stop sell...
23.01.2020 08:50

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