Non-official e-visa sites charging New Zealand visitors inflated fees

Non-official sites are charging travellers to New Zealand around three times the normal price for the new online visa and international visitor levy. 
20.08.2019 16:19

Rarotonga holiday home owners counselled on professionalism

The Cook Islands holiday home owners who sent a Kiwi family a $780 clean-up bill, calling them "the dirtiest guests of all times", have been "counselled" on maintaining professionalism, and warned tha...
20.08.2019 13:49

She won a free Disneyland ticket - 34 years later, the park let her use it

In 1985, Tamia Richardson was a 14-year-old US high school student when she walked through the turnstile at Disneyland and won a prize.
20.08.2019 13:31

Chance encounters are the travel experiences that will change your life

OPINION: This isn't the story of my journey into mindfulness. It's the story of Joe. Because Joe has a story.
20.08.2019 11:57

New Zealand has two dead centres - a plaque now marks the 2nd spot

Where is the dead centre of New Zealand? Officially there are now two answers - Nelson and Wairarapa.
20.08.2019 09:27

Rare strawberry leopard spotted in South Africa

One of the world's rarest leopards has been spotted in South Africa.
20.08.2019 09:20

Hyperloop: pipe dream or the future of travel?

From mind-reading machines to colonies on Mars, no idea is too ambitious or eccentric for Elon Musk. But it is the billionaire Tesla founder's concept of a "hyperloop" to end traffic jams that has per...
20.08.2019 07:53

Lufthansa offers climate-friendly fuel, but at a price

German airline Lufthansa is launching a website that allows customers to buy climate-friendly plane fuel to compensate for the emissions caused by their flight.
20.08.2019 07:37

Parisians must learn to speak English, says mayoral hopeful

The Académie Française has long fought to stop English words creeping into common French parlance, but an ally of Emmanuel Macron is vowing to make Parisians fluent in English.
19.08.2019 11:59

Woman dies at famous Australian selfie spot

A 27-year-old woman has died after plummeting from a cliff edge in Sydney's eastern suburbs in Australia onto the rocks below.
19.08.2019 09:57

Wildlife now roam where US once forged its deadliest weapons

From a tiny Pacific island to a leafy Indiana forest, a handful of sites where the United States manufactured and tested some of the most lethal weapons known to humankind are now peaceful havens for ...
19.08.2019 09:44

Madness on Mt Everest: Fatal attraction of the Goddess of the Sky

For Seamus Lawless, the moment has arrived. It is 8.30am on May 16, and he is standing on the summit of Mt Everest. To reach the highest point in the world has been his lifelong ambition.
19.08.2019 08:59

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