2019 has been the third safest year in aviation history

Nervous fliers, take note – air travel has statistically never been safer.
31.12.2020 10:20

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Japan Airlines to give away 50,000 flights to visitors in 2020

If you're planning on visiting Japan for the next year's Tokyo Olympics, you might score yourself a free flight to further explore the country.
30.12.2020 11:51

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Overexposed: Why travellers are still flocking to the same old sites

Within the travel trade, most would agree that this past decade has been characterised by social media-fueled tourism, and that trend is not slowing as we turn the corner into 2020.
30.12.2020 10:54

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Disneyland stops selling tickets as crowds fill theme park

Disneyland temporarily stopped selling daily tickets on Friday when the Anaheim theme park reached capacity amid the busy winter holiday season.
30.12.2020 10:38

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How airlines and airports around the world are dealing with coronavirus

Airports and airlines are stepping up efforts to protect staff and passengers amid heightened concern over the outbreak of a deadly virus originating from the Chinese city of Wuhan.
24.01.2020 11:41

New cruise ship will travel to the most remote islands on Earth

The new ship will be the cargo cruise line's first foray into passenger-only cruises.
24.01.2020 10:15

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First luxury cruise ship of 2020 to make maiden voyage

Luxury afloat? Only a handful of lines qualify for the true, five-star luxury experience according to Berlitz.
24.01.2020 05:28

Aussie YouTube star slammed after faking injury to get airline upgrade

An Australian YouTube star has come under criticism online for faking a broken ankle to get a free upgrade on a long-haul flight.
24.01.2020 03:30

No more miniature horses? US to limit service animals on planes to trained dogs

The proposed new rules are aimed at preventing passengers from falsely claiming their pets are service animals aboard US airline flights.
23.01.2020 12:49

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Bangkok street-food stalls are trying to give up plastic bags

Two things Thailand is famous for are its delicious street food and its wonderful beaches. Sadly, the first typically comes in plastic bags that often wash up on the second -- not good for a country that relies on tourism for a fifth of its revenue.
23.01.2020 12:15

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Virgin Australia bans snub-nosed dogs from flights after deaths

Virgin has followed Qantas' lead and moved to indefinitely ban boxers, bulldogs and pugs from its flights following the death of two dogs in transit last month.
23.01.2020 05:22

Qatar to build floating hotels to house fans at artificial island during World Cup

Qatar will build 16 floating hotels to host visitors during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
23.01.2020 01:19

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