2019 has been the third safest year in aviation history

Nervous fliers, take note – air travel has statistically never been safer.
31.12.2020 10:20

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Japan Airlines to give away 50,000 flights to visitors in 2020

If you're planning on visiting Japan for the next year's Tokyo Olympics, you might score yourself a free flight to further explore the country.
30.12.2020 11:51

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Overexposed: Why travellers are still flocking to the same old sites

Within the travel trade, most would agree that this past decade has been characterised by social media-fueled tourism, and that trend is not slowing as we turn the corner into 2020.
30.12.2020 10:54

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Disneyland stops selling tickets as crowds fill theme park

Disneyland temporarily stopped selling daily tickets on Friday when the Anaheim theme park reached capacity amid the busy winter holiday season.
30.12.2020 10:38

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Tear-drop tree-top staycations lure travellers in Europe

The tree tents double as an art installation and are considered sculpture, rather than a commercially-produced tent.
10.07.2020 10:56

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After nervous wait at border, tourists begin entering Queensland

Thousands of tourists have made the crossing from New South Wales into Queensland after the border reopened.
10.07.2020 04:53

The Maldives to welcome international tourists back from July 15

In what's certainly welcome news for eager travellers, the South Asian island destination will not require healthy visitors to quarantine nor provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival.
09.07.2020 11:27

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Fuselage for the last A380 superjumbo squeezes through French village

The era of large passenger planes is rapidly coming to an end as the construction of the final Airbus A380 superjumbos nears completion.
09.07.2020 09:41

Confusion over Queensland border pass for travellers

Anyone seeking to cross the border from New South Wales into Queensland on Friday will require a stern, official-looking border pass to do so.
08.07.2020 07:34

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Tasmania seeks ways for travellers to bypass Victoria

Calls made for Tasmanian travel to bypass Melbourne, and is there any chance the Spirit of Tasmania could sail to Sydney?
07.07.2020 09:42

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The 15 photos that defined travel in the pandemic

If one picture paints a thousand words in the midst of a pandemic, these indelible images convey a million
06.07.2020 10:47

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Farewell, jumbo: Qantas announces final flights for last 747

Qantas will mark the retirement of the iconic jumbo jet with a series of scenic flights in Australia.
06.07.2020 03:43

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