Does Poland have vampires? Bizarre questions British travellers asked their embassy

When staff at British embassies and consulates pick up the phone, they're prepared to help citizens grappling with problems, from arrests to serious injuries.
31.12.2019 11:19

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Jetstar becomes first Australian airline to fly to Korea

Jetstar has launched its new route into Asia, with non-stop flights from the Gold Coast to South Korea's capital, Seoul, taking off on Sunday.
08.12.2019 10:57

Why cruise lines are cutting their ships in half, literally

A few weeks ago, John Delaney, president of Windstar Cruises, stood on a scaffold at a historic shipyard in Palermo, Italy, and took a blowtorch to the Star Breeze.
06.12.2019 10:49

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Carnival Cruise Line adds new destinations to 2021-22 season

Carnival Cruise Line will add Kimberley, Papua New Guinea and Fiji's Dravuni Island to its 2021-22 season.
05.12.2019 02:59

New class of traveller revives old-school mode of travel in Europe

Sleeper trains had all but disappeared in Europe. Now, some of their magic is being revived - with a modern twist.
04.12.2019 09:04

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Airline trials edible coffee cups to reduce waste

Vanilla-flavoured, edible coffee cups are being trialled at Air New Zealand in an effort to reduce waste.
04.12.2019 01:54

How to make good choices while cruising the Mediterranean

In order to enjoy yourself, you first must know yourself.
03.12.2019 12:02

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Wallis Giunta: What travel has taught me

Travelling alone brings with it great opportunities mixed with responsibilities.
03.12.2019 11:20

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Which country speaks the most languages?

Topography often determines what language you end up speaking.
03.12.2019 11:13

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Flight grounded after woman faked illness to get better seat

​A woman in Florida is in custody for faking medical problems aboard an American Airlines flight headed to Miami.
03.12.2019 08:16

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The surprising thing Italy wants World Heritage listed

​Smooth, dark and diminutive, it is an affordable and indispensable jump-start to the day for millions of Italians.
03.12.2019 02:25

The nationalities leading the pack as the first tourists to discover Saudi Arabia

Following the launch of its new visa entry system, 50,000 foreign travellers have taken their first steps into the Kingdom.
02.12.2019 11:23

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