Does Poland have vampires? Bizarre questions British travellers asked their embassy

When staff at British embassies and consulates pick up the phone, they're prepared to help citizens grappling with problems, from arrests to serious injuries.
31.12.2019 11:19

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"Old Batavia" not only still exists, much of it has has been beautifully restored.
17.08.2019 12:15

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What travel has taught me: Conductor David Slater

If only world leaders could take a few tips from the world's young musicians.
16.08.2019 12:51

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New cruises on the Nile for 2020

Having been considered unsafe for visitors for several years, Egypt is now enjoying a comeback.
15.08.2019 11:38

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Plane passenger gets flight to himself and shares epic video of experience

When was the the last time you boarded flight and discovered you had your whole row to yourself? How about having the whole plane to yourself?
14.08.2019 10:45

Submarines and helicopters aboard luxury vessel Scenic Eclipse

Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours has taken delivery of its much-awaited Scenic Eclipse.
13.08.2019 10:23

Passenger finds secret camera in first-class cabin bathroom

​A United Airlines passenger who flew from San Diego to Houston in the US recently has been arrested and charged in a federal complaint of setting up a secret video camera in the jet's first-class bathroom.
13.08.2019 03:32

Kate Mulvany: What travel has taught me

Somehow New York slipped under this actor's skin, ousting London as her favourite big city. .
06.08.2019 12:15

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Cruising news: Viking launches line-up of 2020-21 Mediterranean cruises

The company's offerings feature numerous brand-new itineraries and land extensions.
06.08.2019 12:15

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Entering a restaurant or bar in Japan? Get ready for an effusive greeting

No-one shouts a welcome quite like Japanese restaurants.
06.08.2019 02:12

The secret to enjoying pintxos in Basque Country, northern Spain

The key to enjoying this most enjoyable of Spanish pastimes is restraint.
06.08.2019 02:04

Stowaway bat spooks passengers on US flight

Few things come without an extra fee on Spirit Airlines, but some passengers got a free shot of adrenaline earlier this week when a winged creature flew up and down the cabin.
05.08.2019 09:43

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