2019 has been the third safest year in aviation history

Nervous fliers, take note – air travel has statistically never been safer.
31.12.2020 10:20

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Japan Airlines to give away 50,000 flights to visitors in 2020

If you're planning on visiting Japan for the next year's Tokyo Olympics, you might score yourself a free flight to further explore the country.
30.12.2020 11:51

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Overexposed: Why travellers are still flocking to the same old sites

Within the travel trade, most would agree that this past decade has been characterised by social media-fueled tourism, and that trend is not slowing as we turn the corner into 2020.
30.12.2020 10:54

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Disneyland stops selling tickets as crowds fill theme park

Disneyland temporarily stopped selling daily tickets on Friday when the Anaheim theme park reached capacity amid the busy winter holiday season.
30.12.2020 10:38

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Grounded Qantas Dreamliners to take off for Antarctica

It isn't an international flight (because it doesn't land) but this could still be one of the first opportunities to leave Australia by air.
12.08.2020 10:42

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How creative travellers are beating tough flight restrictions

Eight months into the pandemic, the push to normalise is seeing some try to travel internationally again. However, airlines are only reluctantly adding flights to their bare-bones schedules, and virus resurgences have some countries imposing new travel rules.
12.08.2020 08:48

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Milestone as two international airlines resume flights to all mainland capitals

Two international airlines will reach a milestone this month with the resumption of flights to every mainland state capital.
11.08.2020 02:37

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New outback pub crawl comes with a designated pilot

Safaris just got a whole lot closer to home.
07.08.2020 12:15

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NSW missing huge opportunity for wine tourism, says industry

Hunter Valley winemakers have appealed to the state government to match the investment in wine tourism by rival states.
07.08.2020 03:08

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These countries have opened their borders, but is there any point going?

The jealousy is real. It's hard to look at photos of your Europe-based friends right now and see them out enjoying life.
05.08.2020 01:49

Boris picks up the bill in the UK, allowing Brits to enjoy half-price meals

People across Britain enjoyed half-price meals on Monday as the government launched its 'Eat Out to Help Out Scheme' aimed at driving up business in the shattered hospitality industry after months of coronavirus lockdown.
04.08.2020 12:36

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Stranded honeymooners hitch home on Antarctic boat

Feeonaa Clifton said she had never spent even a single night on a boat before she and her husband Neville took to some of the world's most forbidding seas.
04.08.2020 03:42

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