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Does Poland have vampires? Bizarre questions British travellers asked their embassy

When staff at British embassies and consulates pick up the phone, they're prepared to help citizens grappling with problems, from arrests to serious injuries.
31.12.2019 11:19

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US climber snaps a selfie after falling into a crevasse

A US climber is sharing his unlikely tale of survival.
18.09.2019 16:25

Ex-Sydney swimming coach, 44, charged over historic child sex assault allegations

A former swimming instructor has been charged over the alleged sex assaults of two boys dating back more than 20 years.
18.09.2019 14:37

Just luck people havent been killed: Inside hospital violence crisis

A former security guard in our hospitals says it's just luck people haven't been killed yet, as guards and union bosses plead with governments to help them combat the violence in our emergency departm...
18.09.2019 14:27

Queensland hiker who fell off six-metre waterfall crawled out of bush with two broken limbs

An experienced Queensland hiker who fell down a waterfall and smashed his leg was forced to crawl for two days to safety after his phone also fell into a creek.
18.09.2019 13:53

Drone operator yells shark, shark in warning to surfer

Amateur drone pilot Christopher Joye has captured the moment a shark approached a surfer at a Illawarra beach in New South Wales, Australia.
18.09.2019 12:58

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TripAdvisor punishes almost 35,000 businesses over fake reviews

TripAdvisor's first 'Transparency Report' finds one in every 50 reviews submitted to the site is fake.
18.09.2019 12:43

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Ex-Sydney swimming coach, 44, arrested over historic child sex assault allegations

A former swimming coach has been arrested over allegations of historical sexual assaults at a swimming school in Sydney's south-west.
18.09.2019 12:30

China might have its own Loch Ness Monster lurking in the waters

Millions of Chinese social media users have become captivated by a video shared online that appears to show a "water monster" slithering through the waters of the Yangtze River.
18.09.2019 12:29

$750m haul of chemical used to make ice found hidden in Sydney furniture shipment

Enough chemicals to make a tonne of the drug ice, worth a street value of $750m, has been found in a shipping container.
18.09.2019 11:51

Darwin mass shooting accused to plead not guilty

Accused Darwin mass shooter Benjamin Hoffmann will plead not guilty to all 13 charges he's facing, including four counts of murder, as he faced court for the second time since his arrest in June.
18.09.2019 11:36

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From fraud to outrageous drunken escapades: Bali targets Australian tourists from hell

Bali-bound bogans are making more than a nuisance of themselves and dominating local headlines.
18.09.2019 11:05

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